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“Did You Know We Are Offering FREE 20-Minute Discovery Sessions?”

A FREE Discovery Session Will Help You Better Understand Your Injury And HOW We Can Help You RECOVER.

A FREE 20-Minute Discovery Session one-on-one with me or one of my physical therapists would help you BETTER decide if physical therapy is right for you. My physical therapy team sets time aside EVERY DAY to listen to patients' questions and provide simple and easy to understand answers. Our goal is to get you on the road to recovery immediately.

If you’ve recognized you need help, but don’t know where to start, then reaching out to a Physical Therapist for FREE, is the next step. You will be giving yourself the knowledge required in this ever-changing medical world. Let me and my physical therapists explain to you WHY you are hurting and HOW we can help you.

In Your Free Discovery Session You Can Expect To Learn:

  • What causes your pain?
  • How we can specifically help your injury?
  • What is your unique treatment plan?
  • How long will it take?
  • Why do our patients LOVE us and keep returning?

“Your free Discovery Session set my mind at ease. Thank you!”

- S. Williamson, Manassas

We are able to offer a Free Physical Therapy “Discovery” Session which is perfect for people suffering with PAIN (or stiffness) who aren't enjoying life as much as they could be. You’ll leave this session knowing WHAT'S CAUSING THE PROBLEM. The Discovery Session is perfect for anyone who would like to be shown how Specialist Physical Therapy works before committing to a full consultation which includes all the extra benefits.

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