"We help people in Prince William County to quickly overcome pain and injury so that you can live a more active, independent and healthy life without the need for pain medications and frequent visits to your doctor."  

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Ease neck and shoulder pain without having to rely on pain medication.

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what our clients are saying...

"I have to say after just three visits with Diane in charge of my exercises my back pain was reduced almost 30%!  I was thrilled!!  I continued visiting for another 4 weeks and by the time I was finished with my treatments, I was 100% totally pain free!  No surgery, no medications.  I was riding my bike again and walking my black lab."


Early 50's, Gainesville, VA.

"A neurological problem caused pain in my left shoulder, limited range of motion in my left arm and limited ability to lift objects in certain ways and certain weights. I now have full range of motion with mild aches now and then in the shoulder. I am now, using the plan David and Diane put in place for me to increase my strength.

I cannot say it enough how delighted I am with the success I achieved through the team's professionalism, caring and cheerleading! I also am incredibly moved by the added exercises you provided me to increase not only my shoulder and arm but the rest of my body too while I continued my therapy at home on my own. Piedmont Therapy is THE place to go for help and to achieve your goals." 


Mid 50's, Catlett, VA.

"You guys were amazing! Initially I had a frozen shoulder which Jessica helped me regain mobility. Ultimately had cuff surgery and had to rehab to get range of motion back. Always on time, appointment scheduling easy but most important great care and attention to the injury.

Thanks for your help! I will be back when necessary!"


Mid 40's, Bristow, VA.

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